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by ryanagrimson

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Creating the blueprint for a new era of long snappers!

Special Teams University is focused on developing the best long snappers through individualized, results-driven, science-based coaching. Great long snappers are the cornerstone of ELITE special teams units! Help your unit become ELITE by becoming the best you can be with Special Teams University.

Balance - Efficiency - Control

The Science of Snapping

Long snapping is a skill that can be broken down into the smallest parts and looked at scientifically. There are a lot of ways to get a football back to a punter or holder, but only a few ways to be efficient, and to ensure your margin of error is limited to a very small opening. At Special Teams U we make sure that you not only become a better snapper, but that you fully understand the science behind the snap so that YOU can also be an EXPERT as well! Don’t just practice blindly, ask the hard questions that will make you better! Always ask “how and why” something works, you will be surprised at how much better you will become!”

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Elite Coaching

Gold Standard of Long Snapping

Coach Stelter coaches the top snappers at every level for a reason! He is dedicated to a Science-based, results-driven form of individualized instruction that works for EVERYONE! At Special Teams U we don’t teach a style of snapping, we teach the SCIENCE of snapping! We will make you a better snapper by providing the necessary long snapping corrections, drills, and specialized advice that will benefit YOU. It’s your best shot at improving your long snapping as a whole.

Coach Stelter has refined the technique of many NFL, CFL, College and High School long snappers around the world. College coaches and NFL scouts are looking for fast, accurate, and consistent long-snappers. If you want to add speed, accuracy, and consistency to your snaps join Special Teams University today!

Long Snapping Services

Welcome to the U!

Coach Stelter is known for his RESULTS driven coaching. Every long snapper that has come to Special Teams U has made DRAMATIC changes for the better in short periods of time! There are a lot of ways you can join the Special Teams U and become the best long snapper you can be! No matter if you want to add more speed, accuracy, consistency, or fix a specific issue, Coach Stelter can help you achieve your goals.

Choose from the services below to begin improving your long snapping and receive the nation’s best coaching.

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